Violinists today benefit from decades of recording technology, and it is now possible to find microphones and pick-ups specifically designed for amplifying violins. I have a Danish-made DPA microphone with a clip to attach it to the ribs of the violin, as can be seen in Figure 29.1 below, and a Swedish-made Schertler contact microphone which adheres to the back plate below the sound post, which can be seen in Figure 29.2 below. While each of these microphones was designed for the modern violin, each functions well on the baroque violin, and attaches to the instrument in the same way. Each of these modes of amplification allows the instrument not only to be amplified, but also played through various effects pedals, if desired.

Figure 29.1 – front and side view of DPA 4099 microphone attached to ribs of the baroque violin


Figure 29.2 – back and side view of Schertler DYN-V contact microphone attached to back plate of the baroque violin below the sound post